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Feb 28, 2018

In today’s episode of ‘The Renegade Recruiter Unleashed,’ I interview David Patterson.

David is based over in Florida, and he began working in recruitment 20 years ago.

He worked his way up through the ranks then decided to go independent. Now David is an internationally recognised headhunter generating millions of dollars in fees.

Today’s episode is a really inspirational one.

Listen and find out…

  • How David got through the toughest of times in his personal and business life and how he turned it all around
  • Discover why he ditched the ‘traditional model’ recruiters usually follow, got rid of his 4,000 square foot office and how it’s given him total freedom
  • Why David rarely ever needs to do any cold calling and how he generates a wealth of leads through Facebook (If you're one of those Recruiters who still thinks cold calling is the ONLY way to get business)
  • Discover why David (literally) swears by being passionately yourself in business and dropping the corporate B.S.
  • Find out how his company bounced back after the recession in 2009 and why you should never be afraid to start over
Feb 20, 2018

Something that most Recruitment and Search Business Owners aren't aware of… Or are aware of but don't like to admit publicly…

Is that even though we can get great results for our clients, we can sometimes be really bad at employing the right people for our own business…

Almost every week I speak to Recruitment and Search Business Owners who have employed a consultant who promised the world but didn't deliver and actually ended up costing the business money…

Based on the numbers given to me by the people I've spoken to… On average every Recruitment or Search Business has a third or more of the team that's underperforming and haemorrhaging profits for the owner…

Another third doing 'OK' and just about breaking even….

And only the final third actually delivering on a consistent basis and making PROFIT…

So in a team of three fee earners, only ONE is likely to be delivering on a consistent and regular basis…. (that "one" is most likely going to be the owner of the business) …

And even a team of 10 fee earners will only have 3 who are actually profitable …

These numbers, of course, vary massively from business to business… But based on the Recruitment and Search Business Owners I've asked, this is about average…

And it's big problem… And one that needs fixing IF you have dreams or ambitions of building a profitable team…

In my opinion… This problem doesn't happen because the owner is bad a recruiting for his or her own team…. It happens because they bring people in too early...

There are a few vital things you need to have in place BEFORE you even think about hiring your next consultant.

And not having these things in place increases the chances of any new consultants underperforming and costing the business money… I explain what these things are this podcast

Feb 14, 2018

One thing you'll always hear me talk about is the importance of building a business rather than having a job...

The difference being a Recruitment or Search Business pays you and continues to operate whether you're there or not... And a job just means you only get paid when you show up...

In today's episode of the 'Renegade Recruiter Unleashed' podcast, I interview Klyn Elsbury... Creator of the "Proactive Pipeline", Author, Speaker and CEO of 'Landmark Makers', a Recruitment Firm Based in  San Diego...

Klyn has Cystic fibrosis which means she was forced to create something that allowed her team to be efficient even if she was unable to be in the company weeks at a time...

Feb 4, 2018

In this episode of the Renegade Recruiter Unleashed Podcast, we talk about "Healthy Habits To Ensure Recruitment/Search Business Success"

The results you're getting in your Recruitment/Search Business today are because of the things you did in the past...

If you want better results, you just need to change your habits! In this broadcast, we look at exactly what habits ensure your Recruitment or Search Business thrives over the months and years ahead...


Jan 28, 2018

If you use cold-calling to grow your Recruitment or Search business at the moment, you’re likely to have some sort of emotional reaction to that subject line… 

But before you get your knickers in a twist, hear me out…

When I first entered the industry showing Recruitment and Search Firm owners how to grow their business, I went semi-viral with a blog post entitled “cold-calling is dead”…

Some people agreed with me and understood the point I was trying to make….

But most slaughtered me for it!

Even some big name ‘Recruitment Coaches’ who you might know of today…

And I get it…

For a lot of Recruiters, it’s all we know….

When I was working as a recruiter, my first boss told me it was the ONLY way to get business… And I believed her for most of my career…

So I can understand other Recruitment and Search Firm Owners believing it too…

But this episode we look at some of reasons it’s just plain stupid and what you should do instead

Jan 14, 2018

This week’s episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ Podcast, I interview Wendy Shand. Wendy is the Co-Founder of Tots to Travel, a hugely successful niche travel company for families providing safe, child-friendly resorts and villas for unforgettable family holidays.

I’ve known Wendy 10/11 years now and seen her business idea grow and expand to become the brand it is today.

I’ve brought her on the podcast today to share with you exactly how she built her business from zero to twenty million. And also to show that you can learn a lot from a multi-million-pound business, regardless of what the target audience is or what niche you operate in.

Wendy will be sharing how she transformed her mindset and why being relentlessly positive is crucial to becoming a successful business owner.

She’ll be giving you her top 5 tips to guarantee total business success and share how these worked for her. Wendy explains how to corner your market to dominate your sector, just like she has.

She’ll talk about how to scale your business whilst aiming higher each year. And she’ll be sharing the specific marketing channels she uses in her multi-million-pound business and what she’ll be doing next year to take her brand global.

Jan 7, 2018

In this week’s episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ Podcast, I interview Phil Agostino. I met Phil a number of years ago as he was a member of an Elite mastermind group I’m part of based over in Ireland.

Phil owns an online fitness company which helps entrepreneurs and business owners improve their health, get fit and increase their productivity. As well as his online coaching, Phil is the author of ‘Loose The Flab Fast’ and he’s been in the health and fitness industry 12 years.

I decided to bring him on the show this week because I’ve seen some of the transformations in his clients and they’re pretty impressive to say the least. And I think he’s got some great advice for recruitment business owners who want to have more energy, be more productive in their business and be more efficient with their time.

In this interview Phil shares how entrepreneurs and business owners can gain confidence in themselves through fitness and how this directly effects sales in their business. There’s plenty to take away from in this interview,

Here’s just some of what you’ll get...

  • The biggest myths we’re told about food and exercise and why we shouldn’t listen to a word of them
  • How to increase your energy levels and therefore be more productive in your business
  • How to find the time to exercise without taking time away from the office
  • How to track the foods you eat on a daily basis and why this is important in creating a sustainable fitness plan.
  • Phil also shares his views on dieting and why most diets will never work long term.

Get a free copy of Phils book from

Dec 31, 2017
In this week’s episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ Podcast, I interview Alex Rawlings Managing Director of a UK based search Firm. I’ve known Alex for around six months now, and although he runs a fairly new business, he's impressed me with some of the results he’s been able to get using NEW marketing techniques and steering away from the OLD methods most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners are using. 
In this interview, he shares with us whats been working well in his business and how you can use it too. There is something in here every Recruitment or Search Firm Owners can learn from....
Here’s just some of what you’ll get
  • One strategy Alex used to add £65K in business revenue within just a few weeks of using it (97% of my most successful students use this strategy too and it never fails)
  • Why “lack of change” is ruining the industry and destroying the businesses of Recruitment and Search Firm owners who fail to adapt
  • Why Alex thinks you should be walking away for bad clients and the difference it made to his business
  • Alex thinks “everything that’s free is shit” (apart from this podcast) and he talks about how this has an impact your Recruitment or Search Business
  • Retainers vs contingency – Alex gives his view
  • The phycology of selling retained recruitment and why most Recruiters don’t do it properly
  • How to get the best results for the clients you’re working with so they buy from you again and again (this is obvious, but most Recruitment and Search Firm owners ignore it)
  • The one LinkedIn strategy that Alex used to win a retainer in 3 weeks
  • Taking the clients off the pedestal and how doing so will increase the profits of your Recruitment or Search Firm
  • Find out how The Recruiters Arms is changing the face of the industry for the better
  • The truth about Recruitment Award ceremonies and why the Recruiters Arms is different
And more
Dec 22, 2017

Alex Moyles is a former accountant and former Director of Robert Half International

Alex now provides sales & marketing training courses for recruiters and leaders of recruitment teams.

And is also Co-Founder of Nurture IT which exists to make life easier for recruiters.

In this revealing interview..

  • Alex shares the pitfalls of being obsessed with Job Orders
  • The clients you should never work with under any circumstances
  • Why it is imperative, you ALWAYS get paid for work you do
  • Discover the secret formula of the most successful recruiters
  • How to predict your sales accurately
  • Why you must stop selling to get more business
  • Get access to a free tool that will help you work less and earn more
  • And so much more
Dec 11, 2017

In this weeks episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ podcast, Terry interviews Connor Benham from as he reveals the secrets for attracting new clients into your Recruitment or Search Firm using Facebook… 

During this interview Connor reveals…

  • How to get more appointments with your ideal clients (and candidates) on autopilot
  • Why Recruitment and Search Firm owners who ignore Facebook are ignoring extra profits in their business
  • Why Facebook likes are usually a waste of time and don’t add to your profits (and the one time they do)
  • How to find, target and attract more of your ideal clients

And more…

Oct 4, 2017


Before me get going Ryan, can you tell us a bit about your background and what you do?



How did you get into the staffing and recruitment industry?



Tell us something about you that not many people know about you.



What specifically do you like or love about recruitment and the staffing industry?



What would you change about the industry?



What marketing activity have you taken on so far?



From your point of view what kind of results did you get from the direct mail campaigns?



For those that don’t know what a landing page is just tell us what you did there Ryan.



Just tell us some of the things you’ve done on Facebook please.



What’s been the monetary value to the marketing that you’ve done so far?



What personal reservations did you have about implementing this?



What would you say to anybody that’s listening to this considering doing this themselves?



If you could give just one piece of advice to recruitment and search firm owners from around the world as to what the in your opinion essential rules for business success what would that be?

Sep 4, 2017

Show Notes



What do you mean by the mind-set for success?



How close are those two things linked? Are the actions controlled by the beliefs?



How do you go about changing your beliefs?

Jun 1, 2017

I’ve attended countless sales trainings and events in my life time…


Read countless books on the subject…


I’ve listened to hours and hours of audio on it too…


Here’s something I’ve noticed about almost EVERY one of them…


Whether it’s a live event, book, audio CD or whatever…


For the most part… They don’t work for everyone!


Two Recruiters could take the exact same training, sell the same product, at the same price, using the exact same strategies they learnt… 


But then go out into the real world and get very different results…


One will see a dramatic increase in their sales performance…


They’ll speak to more people and convert more of the people they speak to into sales…


But the other… Might see SOME improvement…. But they’ll get nowhere near the success of the first person…


Even though they have access to the same skill set…


And you wona know why?...


It’s because they're missing the KEY ingredient that makes all the difference… 


This key ingredient hardly ever gets mentioned at most the sales training available to you... 


Which is a shame, because without this one key thing, you’ll never make as many sales as you should…


Even if you get everything else right…


And this key ingredient is nothing you’re born with…


It doesn’t come naturally but is something that CAN be taught, if you’re aware of it….


And that’s exactly what we’re discussing during this week episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ podcast


Show Notes



Two recruiters can take on exactly the same training, sell exactly the same product at the same price using the exact same strategies that they’ve discovered but then they go into the real word and get very different results. One will see dramatic increases in their sales performance and the other won’t.



Even if you get everything else right this key ingredient is absolutely essential and this key ingredient has got nothing to do with what you’re born with it doesn’t tome naturally but its something that can be taught if you’re aware of it. That key ingredient is mind-set!



Selling is not telling, selling is asking the right questions.



All things being equal, if you approach more people, if you attempt to sell to more people, even if your lousy at sales you’re gunna get better results than someone who doesn’t.



Many Recruiters will go into a meeting and talk about what they do and the process they go through and will never ever ask for the business.



If you don’t believe that your service is worth it you’re not gunna get that!

May 28, 2017

If you’re content being average, mediocre or normal and you’re happy to continue meandering along, NEVER experiencing any significant growth in your business, NEVER reaching your full potential and forever working harder just to stay in the same place, then do nothing. Keep doing what you’re doing, stop reading this letter and stay as you are.

But if you want improvement and you want to build a highly profitable business that experiences significant growth year after year, and dominates your sector. Then the only intelligent and rational decision you can make today is to claim your spot at “Market Domination X" before it's too late and you miss out.

Full details here:

May 19, 2017


In my first year on my own I billed just under 80,000, In my very first year and it made me question everything. I was kinda thinking was it luck before? Was it the fact that I worked for a big firm? Or am I not good enough? Why can’t I do this?



If you’ve been through that stage and you’ve fallen out of love with what you’re doing, if you think that your clients and candidates as well as your family and friends haven’t picked that up your sadly mistaken.



Just because you’re a great recruiter doesn’t mean you’re gunna be a great business owner and there’s a massive difference between the two.



I wish I could say that the transformation was overnight!



Although that was painful what I went through bizarrely I’m kinda grateful for going through it because it made me a better person and made me I guess at a level a stronger person as well.



It’s about the feeling of being below where you want to be rather than complete and utter failure.



If you talk to most owners and directors of recruitment businesses and say “Do you know what you need to do to achieve what you need to achieve? They go “Yeh! Course I do.” And then you ask them “Are you doing what needs to be done to achieve what you need to achieve?” “Welllll…” and they’re not doing what they know they should be doing.

May 13, 2017

A new episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ podcast is available today and in this episode I talk about an area of business that most Recruitment and Search Firm owners ignore.


And if you’re ignoring it too you’re leaving thousands in business revenue and profits on the table.

May 4, 2017

This Monday gone we met up with some the members of the “Recruitment Marketing Elite’ mastermind group in London. And while we were having dinner I got talking to one of my clients Neal about health and fitness and in particular, diet.


See, one a bad habit that he’d picked up was that when he was hungry, he’d go to the fridge and just eat whatever took his fancy without any thought about the consequences.


And so to try and kick the habit… He’d recently downloaded an app for his iPhone that allowed him to measure how many calories certain meals or drinks had before he consumed them.


And even though it could be argued that not all calories are bad and perhaps it isn’t the most important metric to measure it was working for him.


He didn’t have to develop any new skills, didn’t have to work hard… But simply by being aware of the number of calories he was consuming it caused him to think twice about what he was eating.


And this is something that can be directly applied to your Recruitment or Search Business.


There’s a well know quote from business author Peter Drucker who says:


“Everything you measure improves.”


And I’ve found this to be true both in personal life and business life.


In this podcast we talk about the importance of tracking key numbers if you want to increase revenue and profits.


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